How to trade in binary options


Well, dear friends, we have a new article in the "Foundations of Commerce" category. So, in the previous articles we have already sorted out in detail, what is the binary options and how they work. Today, let's look at the question of how to trade in binary options. Very often advertising is full of beautiful messages in the spirit of "just put a bet and get the profit." The only advertising is silent that for a successful transactions of luck, of course, is not enough. Yet binary options - this is not a casino and sell at random dangerous for their own deposit (good luck - such a thing, you know). What you need to do not just start trading binary options, but also to start earning? This will be discussed in today's article.

Choosing a broker

To start trading binary options, you need to register with the broker. The point is not complicated. For information on how to register and verify your broker account I already wrote. So now let's talk directly about choosing a reliable broker binary options. Now on the market there was a lot of "broker-cuisine", to put it simply, a scam. That change in their quotes on a platform specially made delays to traders entered by deliberately losing a quote, and simply do not take profits (or deposit). Of course, the trade in these brokers do not make any sense. Earn them you still will not give. In general, the question of where to trade binary options on a very, very important. Therefore, choose only reliable binary options brokers. If you do not know how to distinguish a reliable broker from the "kitchen", you can get acquainted with a special reminder.


Now it is important to say a few words about the deposit. I advise you not to start immediately with large amounts. Big Money relax, while at the initial path is necessary, on the other hand, as much as possible to gather. If you ask any experienced trader, how to trade profitably in the binary options, the two words are the answer. Manage risk. What does it mean? The trade always (I repeat, always) need to use a risk-menedzhent, ie each of your rate should be 1-5% of your deposit. If you start with a minimum deposit and you do not have the physical capacity to make bets of this size, in this case it is better to trade only (and only) the minimum rates. For these purposes, ideal Russian broker UTrader, minimum rates which are 20, and $ 5 on dolgosrok and kratkosrok respectively (or the 1000 and 300 rubles) or FinMax broker (all bets are $ 5). What we have already significantly closer to the competent risk management. And as a win-win trade on binary options still does not work, then money management is very helpful.


How to successfully trade in the binary options?

In fact, a very important topic and is very closely related to the question of how to successfully trade in the binary options. Why? Let me explain in detail. Very often, new traders pick up these "viruses", as the excitement, greed, fear trade. Over time, of course, these viruses traders leave and settle in the following novices. But myself somehow need to hold in their hands. Never start to trade in a volatile emotional state. Get trade always with a clear head. Emotions in any case should not stop you. To learn how to cope with the basic emotional problems, I wrote here.

Now I would like to separately address the subject of gambling. You never need to recoup if your bet has not worked, it is not necessary to start feverishly trying to block its subsequent transactions. And the doubling rate is also not necessary. These "methods" are playing the binary options, and we still do not play, and trade. So, remember, if you want your deposit, not only to preserve but also to increase, no martingale use in trade is strictly not necessary.


Actually, this follows from the previous paragraph, but I still want to highlight it separately. Because, to competently trade on binary options, requires a certain concentration and composure. They are necessary not only in order to withstand the drawdown and not to panic. But for a sober assessment of their results. All beginners, I always advise to keep a diary of the trader first couple of months of his trading activities. Because, firstly, it is sobering, lets take a look at their statistics of trade for a certain period of time. Second, to some extent, it teaches discipline, without which in trading you will be quite difficult.


How best to trade in binary options

Now let's talk about how to learn how to trade binary options. You will need to learn, first of all, working with charts. What kind of graphics are:

  • The usual schedule online,
  • Metatrader,
  • NetDania,
  • ThinkOrSwim.

All links are clickable, you can read in detail about each platform and choose the one that you feel most comfortable. On my own I would suggest to start with the usual live charts, and only then, when the need arises (copyright indicator plants), switch to MetaTrader. Also, I would advise you to view the graphics in the form of candlesticks, as such, they are most useful.

Next question regarding schedules, what asset is best to trade on binary options, binary options on some better trade. My answer, any, no difference in principle. Most often, traders choose to trade currency pairs, I do deal in by them. Of course, it is not necessary to begin with exotic assets. Better to take the standard assets with the greatest volatility:

  • If we talk about currency pairs, is EUR \ USD, GBP \ USD, AUD \ USD, USD \ JPY, EUR \ JPY, GBP \ JPY, USD \ CAD, USD \ CHF;
  • Promotions - Faceebook, Apple, Google;
  • The goods - gold, silver, oil;
  • Indexes - Dow Jones, S & P, DAX, NIKKEI.
  • indicators

On the charts talk. And on the charts we put that? That's right, indicators. Because the right to trade on binary options without the use of technical analysis is complicated. Then I would not recommend it to climb into the jungle and immediately start working with the levels of Murray or butterfly Gartley. Everything has its time. It is best to start with the standard indicators, in fact they are much more accurate copyright bloat. But, my friends, not everyone knows how it turned out, that does not mean to start a quick download all of these indicators on the chart. You have to understand the principle of operation of these indicators for binary options signals that these indicators give a detailed study them ... So, what are the indicators considered to be basic:

  • MA,
  • Bollinger,
  • Stochastics,
  • RSI,
  • MACD.

Links to all of these indicators are clickable again. If you find insufficient the five indicators that here there is a special reminder of indicators choice.

The next question is, where and on what time frames better to trade binary options. I would not advise to choose a very small expiry, played "Just a minute", as this expiration somewhat dangerous for beginners (any small movement can nullify the entire analysis). And analyze it a little more complicated, and stop at the right time is more difficult. In general, of course, no matter what time frame you choose, as long as your strategy fit under it. In general, the most popular is the TF for 5 minutes and 1 h:

For short-term expiration of 5 minutes to better analyze the FF H1 and M1;

For long-term expiration for one hour overall trend analysis and better spending on H1, and the entry point is already playing on the M15.

Without indicators

ad6 How to profitably trade on binary options?

Well, learn to trade in binary options now? An important aspect is also part of bezindikatornaya trade. The main tools that the beginner will be more than enough - it is support and resistance levels as well as the Japanese Candlestick patterns. I recommend to read.


In order to become a successful trader, one way or another will have their trading strategy. And then some. I, for example, of 3 (without other instruments). Because the best way to trade in binary options, using all available tools. Although that is better. Just in case, if you are interested in directly to the issue of increasing the money on your deposit.

So, to start, I would advise to take any adequate existing strategy and start working on it. To study it, to observe the entry points, the behavior of the graph, test it. And only then begin to process by itself. Maybe change the Ichimoku on TRO, or put in place MACD Momentum ... The main thing is to monitor the results (here again a very useful blog trader).


As a profitable trade on binary options

So, we have come to the end of our article about where the right to trade binary options. The use of volumes - this is not a mandatory item (which is why it is the last one), but it is not superfluous. I confuse you? Everything is again simple, what are the amounts? The behavior of the large players in the market. To go against them is like to go it alone against a whale at sea. The chance, of course. But is it worth it? For amounts taken to follow through a special terminal TOC (we talked about it in the beginning). Indicators assistants also exist:

  • Accumulation / Distribution,
  • Indicator Chaikin,
  • Better Volume.
  • trading methods that do not work

This is the title I put it more gently. In fact as we go about the usual SCAM (fraud). Typically, such systems do not just promise to tell you how to trade and earn a novice at binary options, but just promise a stable 100% result. Now a small spoiler. This results in the binary options simply do not exist. For example, my signals for binary options give 75-80% of the profits, and this is a very good result. But let us return to our sheep. So, below I will provide a list of "drain" systems binary options trading:

  • turning points
  • 100% strategy
  • Signals for binary options portal Investing,
  • Trade on the news (it is very active today advised brokers)
  • Robots (now just one enterprising broker actively encourages all of his robot, and it's not from Algobit OpshenBit)
  • PAMM-accounts.

Now, these tools are absolutely not necessary to use in trade. The truth is that all these strategies, systems and methods for quickly leave you without funds on deposit in favor of the broker binary options. And no thanks to say. That's how it was. So if you are looking for, how profitable to trade binary options with similar scams communicate just not worth it.


Whether to trade binary options?

Again, the article gets too long. Anyone who has read it to the end, my respect, as they say. In conclusion, I would like to talk about whether to trade binary options in general. Yes, I know, everything I've described above, at first it seems quite difficult and time consuming. But, my friends, and not catch fish from the pond easily. Yes, and then all this is difficult only at first glance. The main thing is do not try to learn everything at once, it is not necessary to try to grasp the immensity. Gradually, without undue haste, you can learn all the necessary information.