Binary Options: the secrets of high yield


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AMEX standardized binary options in May 2008. With a difference of one month, they appeared on the Stock Exchange in Chicago, and since 2011 they have become popular in Russia. The secret of the success of this type of trading in its simplicity and profitability. Trading can be absolutely anyone, and the amount of income in excess of 70% per trade. Success depends on the correct prediction direction of the price movement of an asset, rather than on the level of change. Binary options have such assets as stocks, stock, commodities and currencies.

To profit from the transaction, you need to specify a forecast price direction of the asset, whether stock, index, or oil. Your forecast must be fulfilled at a certain time, you ask yourself, for example, the next minute or half an hour.

A feature of trading in the first months of this year, is constantly changing price of assets. The price is influenced by economic and political situation, social and environmental factors, as well as the military confrontation in the world. The euro against the dollar has identified an annual minimum of 1.26. Oil prices are showing their worst dynamics. Sanctions against Russia reflected in the dollar exchange rate against the ruble.

High Yield binary options trading comes together with a deep understanding of the market. Success - the result of the effective use of knowledge, time, developments. It is necessary to consider not only the features of the trade, but also the principles of financial management and the individual trader's ability.

In this case, no strategy can not give a 100% guarantee of success, as the market is fickle. What works for one trader may be unprofitable in the other: all individually. Trade on occasion will not make you rich, binary options - this is not a casino. Despite the simple process of trading, which is provided with only two buttons forecasts, "Up" and "Down", it is necessary to analyze the market to make the right decisions about the future price of an asset. The largest portal provides a lot of practical advice on shares and other equity asset market analysis. Only a complete understanding of asset prices will make the correct prediction.

In such a short time huge profits attract a large number of people, but few have the perseverance to carry out a proper analysis. However, the opportunity to receive 70% of profits for 10-15 minutes creates a revolution in the instruments of earnings in equity assets, and leading analysts predict increase in the popularity of binary options.